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Hosted by NAB (National Association of Broadcast), it is one of the world’s largest broadcasting equipment exhibitions. Every April, manufacturers of broadcasting equipment for television and radio stations gather together to hold the event at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
PRONEWS presents reports from local correspondents.

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Inter BEE


From the official site: As Japan’s premier professional exhibition for sound, video and communications, backed by history and achievements, this is an international exhibition that brings together the latest innovations in the content business from all over the world.
As an exhibition that presents a new user experience for the media industry in the era of digital transformation, “content” is positioned at the core, and the technology to “create (produce),” “send (transmit),” and “receive (experience)” content. We will hold it with the aim of transforming it into a “general media event” that covers all the elements.
Inter BEE responds to the needs of professionals and steadily disseminates industry information to its target audience while keeping an eye on the domestic and overseas markets. We will provide the venue.

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From the official site: CP+ is a comprehensive exhibition of cameras and photography with 4 concepts: Comprehensive Show/From Japan/”Shooting”, “Seeing”, “Connecting”/Photographic Image Culture. This is a comprehensive event where everyone who lives a life with photography can experience the enjoyment of cameras and photography from all angles.
Starting with the featured product exhibition, there will be informative seminars, fun events, participatory photo exhibitions, photo book sales, used camera and photo accessory sales, and more at the two venues of Pacifico Yokohama and Osanbashi Hall. 4 days.

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From the official site: CEDEC is a place where people from all walks of life involved in game development, such as programmers, producers, directors, and graphic designers, come together, interact, and shape the future of the game industry.
Lecturers selected from inside and outside the industry will give lectures on the latest technology and business related to game development, as well as round-table discussions with practical content.

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