Zach Kuhn is a video producer, photographer, and digital media professional based in Japan. Graduating from Sophia University in 2015, Zach has worked on social media network content for as long as social media has been in existence. Zach works as the editor of PRONEWS Global’s website, localizing and editing articles from the Japanese website. 

Zach has an entrenched interest in cameras and camera gear. In particular, he has a keen interest in live production gear and photography cameras. His current gear consists of Nikon DSLR cameras he has owned for 11 years, a SONY TV camera, and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K.

With a long background in creativity, Zach also works with creative writing. He channels the knowledge he has of cameras and gear into his articles for PRONEWS, and the same energy he puts into camera field tests and reviews.

Zach has a YouTube Channel he uploads to regularly, and organizes YouTube community events throughout Tokyo.

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