Course C: Virtual Production Course -Real-time video production by displaying 3DCG video on an LED display

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A course that covers virtual production, which is currently attracting attention. Virtual production is a video production method that can reduce the number of on-site location shoots and is not subject to local weather restrictions. Here, we would like to introduce the exhibitors of “LED”, “Tracker” and “Media Server”, which are the core of virtual production at the Inter BEE venue.

01 Virtual production software “Pixotope”
Mitomo [#8505]

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At the Mitomo booth, the virtual production software “Pixotope” will be exhibited. Two units (three types) will be exhibited at the booth.

One is an XR/VS (chromakey synthesis) hybrid display. A studio set with an LED display (W2m x H2.5m, 2.3mm pitch) and a virtual scene (VS) with a chromakey curtain drawn in front of the LED is set up, making it easy to switch between XR/VS content. Exhibition including You can also see BPE (Body Pose Estimation) technology that estimates the main feature points of a person (body) reflected in a green screen background and fuses the person’s movement with objects in a virtual environment (CG). A demonstration of Pixotope Complete, a hybrid tracker with reflective marker and markerless methods of TrackMen technology, which has entered the Pixotope umbrella, is also planned.

The other is an AR exhibition, where Panasonic Connect’s PTZ camera AW-UE150 (FreeD D1 protocol control) will be placed facing the booth and a Pixotope character will appear. Pixotope has an interface creation tool that enables content control on a web browser, and an operation screen (touch panel operation) created using it will be exhibited.

02 “xR” and “Virtual Production” system exhibited
Ark Ventures [#6314]

Course C: Virtual Production Course explanation image

Continuing from last year’s popular exhibition, ARK VENTURES will exhibit the entire system of “xR” and “Virtual Production” using LEDs this year.

ROE’s ‘BP2V2’ and ‘CB5’ for LED, Megapixel VR’s ‘Helios 8K’ for control system, ‘Ghost frame’ for function suite, disguise’s ‘vx4’ and ‘rxII’ for media server, Mo-Sys for camera tracking “Star tracker” by CAST, and Blacktrax and Converg by CAST.

The focus of the company’s booth is the “multi-camera system.” Usually, most of the shooting is done with one camera, but by using this technology, it is possible to shoot with multiple cameras at the same time. One camera can record CG and the other can record green.


03 Disguise Media Server “vx4+”
Joint exhibition by Nac Image Technology, ROE Visual, and disguise [#6209]

Course C: Virtual Production Course explanation image

Joint exhibition by disguise, nac image technology, and ROE Visual. The main components of virtual production, “camera tracking system – Stype”, “media server/rendering node – disguise”, and “LED panel – ROE Visual”, are the representative three companies gathered at the Nac Image Technology booth. A working exhibition will be held.

disguise exhibited “vx4+”, which is the core of the video system that performs video input/output, playback, composition, and mapping. The vx4+ is a media server designed for virtual production, concert and event production, projection mapping, and installations that require high technology. The media server, which gives great power to the video system, makes it possible to create content that goes beyond the limits.

04 Remote Production System “R2 SYSTEM”
Ikegami Tsushinki [#6211]

Course C: Virtual Production Course explanation image

This year’s Ikegami Tsushinki booth will demonstrate virtual production and remote production collaboration in the booth for program production that is changing due to the corona disaster. In the virtual production corner, you can experience the virtual production of R 2 SYSTEM, which realizes VFX without a tracking system. Apart from VFX, there is also a reference exhibit of the rail-type R2 SYSTEM.

We also plan to exhibit IP systems, camera systems, switcher systems, AV systems, transmission systems, helicopter camera systems, and more.

05 Virtual Production Solution
Restar Communications [#5116]

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Restar Communications will exhibit jointly with group company Tac System. The latest solutions such as Avid total solution, cloud workflow, virtual production system/LED display, and Mistika technology will be exhibited.

The highlight of the company’s booth is the display of the virtual production system. A 6m x 3m LED display will be installed, Visual Graphics’ camera tracking system “LinkBox”, and a workstation system with Unreal Engine installed to demonstrate a virtual production system. Although it costs a lot of money to introduce virtual production using LED displays, the company’s system is based on the concept of emphasizing cost performance that can be introduced at low cost.


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