Course D: Distribution equipment course – pick up many new products such as switchers and remote cameras

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The number of new distribution equipment is on the rise, and it is the hottest genre in the video industry right now. In particular, streaming mixers such as Roland’s “SR-20HD”, Cerevo’s “LiveShell W”, and YoloLiv’s “YoloBox Pro” that can perform live distribution without using a computer have been announced one after another. Let’s take a look at a course on the streaming equipment that’s attracting so much attention right now.

01 Video production solution “TriCaster Mini X”
NewTek [#8501]

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The highlight of NewTek is the TriCaster Mini X, which was announced this summer. The TriCaster Mini X is equipped with the first “Live Link” in the TriCaster series. A new feature allows web page elements to be brought into production without the use of third-party applications. Intranet and Internet graphics, images, and videos, such as training platforms and corporate websites within companies and organizations, can be incorporated into productions as sources.

02 ATEM/vMix compatible physical controller LiveCommand PRO
JUNS [#8105]

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Based on the theme of “a system that can make the most of mid-level live distribution with a minimum number of people”, “Remote camera LiveCAM” (new model with tally function), “Remote camera controller” (tally + automatic PTZ function addition type) Exhibit) and “ATEM 2M/E + LiveCommand PRO”.

The highlight is the controller “LiveCommand PRO” that makes it possible to operate Blackmagic Design’s ATEM series more conveniently. ATEM/vMix compatible physical controller that realizes the operability of a broadcast switcher, compatible with almost all ATEM models, from old ATEM models to the latest models. It is a convertible model that supports vMix, and is equipped with a T-bar that is indispensable for creating exquisite pictures.

We are also looking forward to the reference exhibition of the WiFi/ATEM compatible small tally system “Live Tally (pseudonym)” that can easily implement a tally simply by connecting the ATEM under development to the dedicated base unit with an Ethernet cable.

03 4K compatible live streaming device “Blastreams”
BIOS [#7308]

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Blastreams is a device dedicated to live distribution that is equipped with many functions, such as 4K live distribution support at up to 2160/30fps, recording function on its own, and simultaneous live distribution function. This year, we will exhibit at the BIOS booth of an authorized distributor.

We will demonstrate live distribution from underwater drones to Blastreams and, like last year, a distribution demonstration using an RTMP server with BIOS products. In addition to showing live-streamed images from the aerial drone on a separate screen, we are also planning to exhibit new products that will be announced in the future.

04 Remote camera system “CR-N700”
Canon/Canon Marketing Japan [#5409]

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“Remote camera corner”, “Subject corner”, “Hands-on corner” and “4K display corner” are set up. The notable exhibition is the remote camera “CR-N700”, which will be exhibited for the first time at a domestic exhibition.

Equipped with key devices such as a 15x optical zoom lens, 1.0-inch CMOS sensor, and video processing platform “DIGIC DV7” that make use of the technology cultivated in professional video cameras, it is possible to shoot 4K60P 4:2:2 10bit video. In addition, it is the first Canon remote camera for indoor video production to support HDR shooting, and you can choose from two methods, “HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma)” and “PQ (Perceptual Quantization)”, depending on the application. There will also be a hands-on corner where you can operate multiple cameras connected by Canon’s proprietary XC protocol from the RC-IP100.

05 Ultra Low Latency 8KIP Transmission Demonstration
Astro Design [#5301]

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We will exhibit an ultra-low latency 8KIP transmission demonstration, a remote control system for a remote control platform, an IP datacast service, a 16K x 4K multi-display system, an 8K/4K ST2110 transmission demonstration, and more. The highlight is the ultra-low latency 8KIP transmission demonstration using the 8K camera AB-4830/AC-4829 and the JPEG XS IP Gateway CD-5550. We are planning to exhibit the shooting method and transmission of the camera in an environment close to actual operation. Prepare a corner.

The 3rd installment of the compact converter “COVAN” series is also scheduled to be exhibited, and features such as support for mutual conversion between AV over IP standard IPMX and HDMI, which has excellent operational and expandability.


06 Direct Streaming AV Mixer “SR-20HD”
Roland [#5114]

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This year’s Roland booth will focus on exhibiting a lineup of switchers and AV mixers for a wide range of needs, such as hybrid events, sports streaming, corporate and school seminars, and e-learning content production. Developing solutions that support various creations, such as converters that

The products on display are 4K/HD compatible switchers, converters “V-600UHD” and “VC-100UHD”, and HD compatible video switchers/AV mixers “V-160HD”, “V-60HD”, “V-8HD” and “V-02HD MK2”. “VR-1HD” and replayer “P-20HD” are planned.

Attention is direct streaming AV mixer “SR-20HD”. It is an all-in-one model that has recording and distribution functions in a conventional AV mixer. Inter BEE will exhibit a new version that will be released in mid-November.


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