Course G: Shooting Accessories Course – Focus on LED Light Manufacturers’ Exhibitions

Focus on exhibitions of LED lights and tripod manufacturers

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LED lights are an accessory that has undergone remarkable technological development. Moreover, it has attracted a great deal of attention from the video industry because of its high performance and reasonable price. Here, we introduce a course where you can look around lighting manufacturers and tripod manufacturers.

01 Pedestal “Osprey” Series
Videndam Production Solutions [#8504]

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Vinten and Sachtler brand pedestal products “Osprey” and “Vario” series, which will be exhibited for the first time in Japan, tripod products ideal for digital cinema including Oconnor brand, LED lighting Litepanels brand RGB light “Gemini” series new products exhibit. Quasar Science’s LED tube lights will also be exhibited for the first time.

The Osprey series consists of five models: Osprey Light, Osprey Plus, Osprey Plus S, Osprey Elite S, and Osprey Studio S. It features a wide support that can support up to 80kg from the OspreyLite model with a payload of 35kg.

02 Headset communication solution “Solidcom C1”
Hollyland [#8112]

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This year’s Hollyland booth features the wireless video transmission system “Mars 4K,” the transmission/reception monitor “Mars M1,” the wireless video transmission system “Cosmo C1,” the wireless intercom system “Solidcom C1,” and the wireless transmitter for smartphones “Lark C1.” exhibition. The featured product is the Solidcom C1. The September update added support for up to 8 headsets without a hub.

Also pay attention to the actual display of the wireless microphone Lark C1 announced on October 27th. It is the perfect device for recording sound anytime, anywhere with smart devices such as iPhones, Android smartphones, DJI Action 2/3, and sports cameras.

03 RGB light LED spotlight “Forza60C”

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The 800W high-intensity LED light “Forza 720” series, the palm-sized compact RGB LAC LED studio light “Forza 60C”, and the popular and cost-effective “FS” series (FS-300B, FS-60B, etc.) from professionals to amateurs. We will exhibit new products for 2022. The featured product is the 70W bi-color LED light “FS-60B”, which supports a wide range of color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K despite its light weight of 0.85kg. Realization of a list price of less than 30,000 yen is also a point.


04 Tripod system “HS-150C/MC”
Heiwa Seiki Industry [#7204]

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We will exhibit a full lineup of tripod systems, from the entry class “TH-X” to the 150mm diameter “QD” series. In addition to tripods, we are also planning to exhibit equipment that is usually difficult to try, such as the pedestal “P110S Compact” that fits in 60 cm square and the jib arm “JB40 KIT”.

The highlight is the first unveiling of the “HS-150C” and “HS-150MC”. The carbon models of the HS-150 and HS-150M tripod systems, which can be perfectly balanced from a mirrorless setup, have succeeded in reducing the weight by about 20%. It features both operability and mobility. It is also possible to actually compare the weight with other HS models and experience putting your own camera on it.

▶ HS series

05 Large LED light “LS 1200d Pro”
Aputure Imaging Industries [#6301]

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Aputure products were exhibited at the booths of Aputure and Agai Shoji. Aputure has released the multi-color COB LED lighting “LS 600c Pro”, the “LS 1200d Pro” with the highest amount of light among Bowen’s mounts, and the multi-color LED tube “MT Pro” capable of pixel mapping in 36 sections. displayed in the center. At the Agai Shoji booth, in addition to some Aputure products, Fotodiox’s LED panel “VR-2500ASVL”, curved LED panel “W30”, and various stands and grips made by KUPO will be exhibited.

A notable product is the large LED lighting “LS 1200d Pro”. It boasts the highest output among Aputure products, and it boasts the highest output among lighting equipment that uses a Bowens mount. Aputure light shapers such as the Light Dome Series and Lanterns, as well as third-party accessories such as his DoP Choice and Chimera, are also available.

06 27-inch color management LCD monitor “ColorEdge CG2700” series
EIZO [#6202]

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The 27-inch production monitor “ColorEdge CG2700X” and “ColorEdge CG2700S” that support HDR, which will be released in 2022, will be exhibited for the first time. The CG2700X has 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and the CG2700S has WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, and both models feature HDR (PQ/HLG method) gamma and color mode support for video production.

In addition, the built-in calibration sensor enables high-precision display adjustment and automatic readjustment. With USB Type-C connection, it is possible to supply power of 90W or more to high-end notebook PCs such as MacBook Pro. It also has a wired LAN port, so it can be used instead of a docking station.


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