Sony releases mobile motion capture “mocopi”. Small and lightweight equipment catches the movement of the whole body

Sony will launch the mobile motion capture “mocopi” in 2023, which realizes real-time motion input to motion capture and VR (virtual reality) with only a small and lightweight sensor using proprietary technology and a smartphone (dedicated application). It will be released at the end of the month (reservation acceptance starts in mid-December). The selling price at Sony’s direct sales site “Sony Store” is 49,500 yen including tax.


mocopi not only makes it easy to create avatar videos and motion data that include whole-body movements indoors and outdoors, but as a motion input device, it is also possible to operate avatars in real time with compatible services such as VRChat.

Normally, video production using motion capture requires dedicated equipment and operators, but mocopi uses the company’s own algorithm to achieve highly accurate motion measurement with a small number of sensors.

In addition, from December 15, 2022, we plan to provide a software development kit (SDK) that can link the acquired motion data to services for the Metaverse and 3D development software. In addition to increasing the degree of freedom in video expression in virtual space, the SDK will expand the use of motion data for activities such as full-body tracking, thereby facilitating the development of new services in areas such as the metaverse and fitness. make it possible.

Sony plans to expand the number of partner companies that develop services linked to mocopi in the future. Mr. Jesse Joudry, CTO and co-founder of VRChat Inc., who expects service collaboration, and Mr. Yasushi Funakoshi, CEO of HIKKY Co., Ltd. commented as follows.

Jordry : VRChat has led the industry in full tracking with PC VR headsets. With the introduction of Sony’s mocopi, we are pleased to offer the same functionality for standalone VR headsets. There are various VR headsets on the market. Combined with mocopi, we want users of any headset to fully experience VRChat’s full tracking capabilities.

Mr. Funakoshi: I’m very happy that an international company like Sony is approaching a young but energetic new market where startup HIKKY and creators are struggling with an “aggressive” product. increase. Such devices are difficult to develop and sell on our own, but they are essential to solving the essential problems of the market. We are confident that this device, which is provided by Sony’s world-class technology and know-how, will create many opportunities for creative revolution.

Main features

Compact and lightweight sensor that is easy to wear, enabling data acquisition and motion input


By attaching small sensors with a diameter of 32 mm, a thickness of 11.6 mm, and a weight of 8 g to six locations (head, both wrists, waist, and both ankles), and connecting them to a smartphone with a dedicated application installed via Bluetooth, it is possible to view avatar videos and images. It is possible to create motion data.

By using Sony’s proprietary algorithm for data acquisition, highly accurate motion measurement is achieved with a small number of sensors. Each sensor can be easily fixed to the body with the attached Velcro band or clip, and since it is a completely wireless type, it is not restricted by power sources or cables.

If you have this product and a smartphone, you can easily create motion data outdoors, and you can also input motion to compatible services such as VRChat.

Create avatar videos and export data using only a smartphone


Create avatar videos on your smartphoneWith the dedicated application, you can operate the avatar using the data obtained from the attached sensor and create avatar videos on your smartphone. Avatars used in the application can be set by importing external data in addition to the default materials. The created avatar video can be exported as video data such as mp4 or motion data on the application and saved on the smartphone.

Started providing SDK that works with Metaverse services and 3D development software

Provision of SDK makes it possible to develop new services such as in the fitness area

An SDK for linking motion data acquired by mocopi with Metaverse services and 3D development software will be provided from December 15th. By using the same SDK, motion data acquired from the sensor can be received in real time on a PC, and in addition to being able to be edited while checking it immediately on 3D development software such as Unity and MotionBuilder, it can also be distributed via social platform applications. . By providing this SDK, we will expand the applications of motion data and contribute to the development of new services in areas such as metaverse and fitness.

Efforts to consider the environment

Zero plastic usage package (image)

The Sony Group has formulated an environmental plan, “Road to Zero,” which aims to achieve zero environmental impact by 2050, and is working to achieve this by setting medium-term environmental targets in stages. According to the company’s medium-term environmental goals, the company aims to completely eliminate plastic packaging materials for newly designed small products by FY2025.

This product achieves zero use of plastic in individual packaging. Sony will continue its efforts to realize a sustainable society.

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