Shiftall Releases “HaritoraX Wireless” Motion-Tracking Device. Compact and 20 Hour Battery

HaritoraX Wireless main photo

Shiftall Co., Ltd. has announced the “HaritoraX Wireless,” a completely wireless wireless motion tracking device. The device is compact in size, and can be used for a long period of time without charging. Pre-orders will start around February 2023 and will be shipped around June 2023. The suggested retail price is 39,999 yen including tax.

HaritoraX Wireless is a completely wireless, small and inexpensive wireless motion tracking device for users of Metaverse and VR. This product supports 6-point (chest, waist, knee, ankle) tracking, allowing you to move your avatar with your whole body. Although it is small, it can be used for a long time of 20 hours. In addition, since it is completely wireless, the cable does not get caught on the controller, limbs, armrests of chairs, etc., making it suitable for intense movements such as dancing.

Charging is done with a USB Type-C terminal, and if the consumer uses the optional charging dock, they can charge with the band attached. Also, by combining with VR headsets such as Meta Quest 2 and VALVE INDEX, it is possible to reflect the movement of the whole body (9 points) including the legs and waist in the VR space (commonly known as full tiger). Furthermore, by attaching an additional sensor to the upper arm, 11-point tracking is possible, and the natural movement of the human body can be expressed.

In addition to Bluetooth LE, it also supports a dedicated dongle that enables stable communication even in environments with low latency and radio wave congestion. A tracking method using acceleration, angular velocity, and geomagnetic sensors (9-axis IMU) is adopted, and no external optical sensors are required, so there is no tracking loss due to being in the shadow of furniture, etc. It is said that tracking will continue even if you wear it or put on a blanket. It is also possible to operate multiple units at the same time in the same room.

Product Specifications

  • Connection with PC: Bluetooth LE or dedicated dongle
  • Operating time: about 20 hours
  • Connection between sensors: None (wireless)
  • Charging method: Charging with USB Type-C terminal for each sensor, or dedicated dock
  • Charging point: Each sensor (6 points in total)
  • Tracking points: 6 points (chest/waist/knees/ankles)
  • Maximum tracking points: 8 or more
  • Sensor: acceleration, angular velocity, geomagnetic sensor (9-axis IMU)
  • Ankle: above sensor + ToF sensor

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