Sony releases the latest VENICE firmware, Ver.2.00

Compatible with Sony's extension system 2


Sony has released the latest firmware Ver.2.00 for its CineAlta camera “VENICE 2”. It can be downloaded from the company’s website .

Details of this update are as follows.

(The following is quoted from the company’s web page)

Support for VENICE Extension System 2 CBK-3620XS

  • Supports connection with VENICE Extension System 2 CBK-3620XS
  • CBK-3620XS assignable buttons (5 to 7) can be set
  • Can display the information of the spirit level when the imager block is extended

■ Added imager mode (VENICE 2 8K only)

  • 8.6K 17:9 ※1 Maximum 48FPS
  • 8.2K ​​2.39:1 ※1 Maximum 72FPS
  • 8.1K 16:9 ※1 Maximum 48FPS
  • 5.8K 4:3 ※2 Maximum 60FPS
  • 5.5K 2.39:1 Maximum 120FPS

(Maximum FPS value is for X-OCN recording)

*1 Full frame license is required separately *2 Anamorphic license is required separately

■ Zoom to Fit function for anamorphic lenses

  • When an anamorphic lens is attached, recorded images can be cut out and output in 17:9 or 16:9 picture sizes. Can be used even when recording ProRes

■ Supports ProRes 4444 XQ recording

  • Supports Apple 4K/QFHD ProRes 4444 XQ recording

■ Ability to store LUT/CDL data in recording media

  • User 3D LUT and ASC CDL data used during recording are recorded on the AXS memory card and stored in metadata

■ Playback position display and frame jump function during clip playback

  • Display frame position information during playback can be displayed on the viewfinder monitor screen and playback screen
  • When playback is paused, playback can be performed by frame jumping at a step interval of the specified number of frame frames.

■ SyncShift function when inputting an external genlock signal

  • The internal SYNC of the camera can be shifted with respect to the reference signal from the outside. Imaging synchronization adjustment with an external display device is possible
  • Frequency and scan method are now displayed in the signal type display when genlock is applied

■ Other convenient functions

  • Changed the position of the tally display during recording, making it easier to see the recorded video display with a picture size of 2.39:1
  • Viewfinder images can now be output to an SDI monitor, and peaking images can be checked on an SDI monitor
  • The camera ID can now be set with two characters AA to ZZ in addition to the conventional single character A to Z settings.

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