Samsung Announces “ISOCELL HP2” 200 million Pixel Image Sensor. 

New Camera Sensor for Samsung Flagship Smartphones

Samsung Electronics has announced the latest 200 million pixel image sensor “ISOCELL HP2.”

The ISOCELL HP2 is an image sensor with 200 million 0.6 micrometer (μm) pixels in a 1/1.3 inch optical format.

Adopting Tetra2, an advanced pixel binning technology, to accommodate different lighting levels. In a dark environment, binding 4 to 16 adjacent pixels transforms it into a 1.2μm 50MP or 2.4μm 12.5MP image sensor.

In addition, the newly installed D-VTG technology greatly reduces overexposure in bright environments. When transferring from the pixel to the logic layer, the addition of a second transfer gate enables efficient signal transfer, improving color reproduction, especially in bright light conditions.

Super QPD technology enables every pixel to detect autofocus information, recognizing both horizontal and vertical pattern changes for faster and more accurate autofocus. High-speed autofocus is now possible even in dimly lit environments.

Samsung introduces DSG function for the first time in 50MP mode. It applies two separate transform values ​​to the analog signal received at the pixel level, enabling HDR images to be generated at a high resolution of 50MP without the help of a mobile processor. Additionally, an HDR technology called Smart-ISO Pro allows the camera to capture 12.5MP images and 4K video at 60fps in HDR.

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