Roland Releases First Gaming Audio Mixer: “BRIDGE CAST”

Announced at the CES 2023 show in Las Vegas.

Roland Corporation will release the gaming audio mixer “BRIDGE CAST” on January 28, 2023. The price is yet to be announced as of edition.

BRIDGE CAST is Roland’s first audio mixer specially designed for game distribution. By using a USB-C connection with a computer (Windows / Mac), it is possible to improve the sound quality, adjust the sound balance, produce sound effects and BGM, etc., and achieve high-quality distribution. In addition, at the world’s largest technology trade fair “CES 2023”, this product won the “Innovation Award” given to products with excellent design and technology.

Roland BRIDGE CAST Gaming Audio Mixer

Power up your sound for quality delivery

Top panel

Rear panel

During gaming livestreams, various sounds such as the microphone used by the streamer, voice chat with game friends, game sounds, BGM, etc. are ever present. The BRIDGE CAST has a dual audio mixer function that allows you to independently adjust the sound that the broadcaster wants to hear and the sound that is easy for the viewer to hear.

You can also connect to professional external microphones (such as dynamic/condenser mics). A high-performance preamp is built in, so you can enjoy conversations and commentary during gameplay with clear and dynamic sound. In addition, it is equipped with a headphone amplifier that can drive high-impedance headphones with little noise, allowing you to monitor with high sound quality.

Various performance functions

Built-in voice changer function. By adjusting the pitch and formant parameters, you can change the pitch and thickness of your voice, create voices like those of a wild beast or an alien, and create voices that match the characters used in the game.

Thousands of copyright-free songs, sound effects, etc. available in “Roland Cloud” can be used by using a dedicated application (compatible with Windows/Mac). You can easily produce BGM and sound effects that excite game distribution.

Simple setting

Setup is easy, just connect the computer and BRIDGE CAST, and connect the microphone and headphones. You can make settings with a dedicated application installed on your computer, adjust the audio for distribution and the audio for monitoring, and immediately start game distribution.

The operation panel has an ergonomic design that is intuitive and easy to operate, and all the connection terminals are gathered on the back of the main unit, so you can concentrate on the game with a clean hand. The control panel can also be customized to your preferred design.

Installation image
Example of customizing the operation panel

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