DZOFILM “Vespid Cyber ​​Prime” lens series review. Equipped with information transmission function compatible with DJI RS 3 Pro

Jin Itami Composition: Editorial Department

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  • Introduction
  • exterior
  • Live-action: single edition
  • Live Action: Used with DJI RS 3 Pro, DJI LiDAR Rangefinder, DJI Focus Motor (2022)
  • where I was concerned
  • summary


After the announcement of DJI’s new gimbal “DJI RS 3” series the other day, there was a product announcement that I was a little worried about from DZOFILM.

That is the “Vespid Cyber ​​Prime” lens series introduced this time.

What I’m curious about about this product is the ability to transmit focus and aperture information from the lens to an external device in real time. And the first support for this function is the DJI RS 3 Pro and its peripherals.



This time, the lenses that appear are 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm.

  • DZOFILM Vespid Cyber ​​35mm: 349,470 yen including tax
  • DZOFILM Vespid Cyber ​​50mm: 349,470 yen including tax
  • DZOFILM Vespid Cyber ​​75mm: 349,470 yen including tax

It is housed in a dedicated case along with replacement mounts.


Private caseThe product kit contents are as follows.

  • Lens and front and rear caps
  • PL mount
  • EF mount
  • Back focus adjustment shim
  • Lemo-TYPE-C cable
  • screw
  • screwdriver
Bundled items

Basically, the cinema prime lens series has the same specifications (dimensions, weight, filter diameter, aperture value, etc.) for each focal length (35, 50, 75mm). The overall appearance is matte black, various engravings are lemon yellow, and the focal length display is white. Good visibility.


The image circle diameter is displayed on the front of the lens.

“image circle” engraving

The focus ring rotates 270° with the same lens diameter as the 86mm filter diameter. Precise focusing is possible. The scale is engraved in both metric and imperial.

DZOFilmdescription photo

The mount can be exchanged between PL mount and EF mount. Necessary screws and drivers are also included.

Standard PL mount
Replacement EF mount
Included screws and driver

Multiple shims for back focus adjustment are also included.

Back focus adjustment shim

The Lemo connector, which is the biggest feature of this product, is opened on the top. From here, focal length and aperture information is sent to an external device.

Lemo connector part
Lemo-TypeC conversion cable

Live-action: single edition

As for the drawing, it seems to have inherited the Vespid Prime that has already appeared, so please refer to Mr. Matsumoto’s review for PRONEWS.

This alone may not be enough. Therefore, the author, who is also a catgrapher, took a picture of an example of a cat.


The lens used is 75mm. The camera is Panasonic LUMIX S1H. Since it cannot be attached to the same camera’s L mount as it is, I used a mount adapter, DZOFILM Octopus lens adapter.

LUMIX S1H with DZOFILM Octopus
  • DZOFILM Octopus lens adapter: 41,470 yen including tax

In addition, a dedicated rear filter was used to adjust the shutter speed when shooting video.

DZOFILM BUY Filter Standard Set

For the filter, remove the ring part at the end of the lens and replace it with a magnet ring (the same number of filters as the filter is included).

magnet ring and filter
  • DZOFILM KOOP Rear Filter for Vespid Primes: 46,090 yen including tax

Again, please refer to the video and photo examples below.

Video example “cats in the sunset”

Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge
Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge
Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge
Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge
Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge
Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge

Live Action: Used with DJI RS 3 Pro, DJI LiDAR Rangefinder, DJI Focus Motor (2022)

I then used it with the DJI RS 3 Pro, DJI LiDAR Rangefinder and DJI Focus Motor (2022). For details on these three interlocking devices, please refer to the article below.

With this combination, the aperture and focus transfer function via the Lemo connector, which is a major change from the previous model Vespid Prime to the Vespid Cyber ​​Prime, can be used.

50mm Lens with DJI RS 3 Pro, DJI LiDAR Rangefinder, DJI Focus Motor

In this state, calibration for each lens to be used and its profile saving are unnecessary. In the first place, after connecting each part and completing the setup, the setting screen configuration of DJI RS 3 Pro will be partially changed, and the lens profile setting and selection items themselves will disappear. Instead, the corresponding part becomes the recalibration execution panel.

(Left photo) Without Lemo connector connection, (Right photo) With Lemo connector connection

Since it is not necessary to call the lens profile, the body LED indicating the profile selection state of the LiDAR rangefinder is fixed to C1 when the Vespid Cyber ​​is attached.

Body LED is fixed to C1

Let’s take a look at the example. The images were taken with the following system configuration.

  • DZOFILM Vespid Cyber 75mm(PL)
  • DZOFILM Vespid Cyber 50mm(PL)
  • DZOFILM KOOP Rear Filter ND 8
  • DZOFILM KOOP Rear Filter ND 16
  • DZOFILM Octopus Lens Adapter
  • Panasonic LUMIX S1H

In addition, the following setup on the DJI RS 2 and the drone DJI MAVIC 3 are used together for support.

  • DZOFILM Vespid Cyber 35mm(EF)
  • METABONES SpeedBooster ULTRA 0.71
  • Voigtlander NOKTON 60mm F0.95
  • Z CAM E2-M4
Z CAM E2-M4 with 35mm lens

Video example “Alseid”

Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge
Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge
Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge
Photo example
*Click the image to enlarge

where I was concerned

Regarding the information transmission function by the Lemo connector of the author’s attention specification, the small diameter of the connector and the relatively thin cable are unreliable and may require careful handling.



It implements all the basic specifications of a cinema lens. The depiction is also lame in places that are lame, and sharp in places that should be sharp, which is perfect.

The information transmission function via the Lemo connector, which is first compatible with the DJI RS 3 Pro, which will be released soon, is a very useful and promising function for cinema lenses, which originally had many manual focus operations. Especially if you think about the configuration including the gimbal, it is a function that seems to be useful in one operation.

After that, I also thought that the transmission of focal length and aperture information from the Lemo connector will be output to the camera, and if the camera side is compatible, it will be Exif recorded, so photography with a cinema lens will not progress.

Anyway, it’s cheap for a cinema lens. Of course, if you really need it, readers who want to try out a different texture from a still lens should consider purchasing it.

  • Model: Akiyo Yamada
  • Costume: 9uatre
  • Cooperation: Imamura Photo Imaging Studio

Shun Itami
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