Blackmagic Design Case Study: Brotherhood Studios


Production house Brotherhood Studios has produced a wide range of content, including the feature film Last Three Days, content from YouTube producer Zach King, and commercial projects for various brands distributed on networks such as HGTV. Known for producing.

Most recently, he was commissioned by one of Brotherhood Studios’ longtime clients to create a holiday food promotional video. It was a seemingly simple task, but it required special ingenuity.

According to Blackmagic Design, director Brian Ulrich decided to use Blackmagic Design cameras and Blackmagic RAW because realism and color rendering were key to properly showcasing food.

For their most recent shoot, Ulrich used Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 digital film cameras. Ulrich commented:

Ulrich: The color you get with these cameras is amazing. A lot of directors focus on getting realistic skin tones, but for a lot of my recent product shoots, it was really important to make the food look accurate and delicious. This time I shot a dish of salmon, and I was blown away by the appetizing colors and images that the Blackmagic camera gave me.


Brotherhood Studios says product photography is a no-brainer for any client. Producer Juliana Ulrich said:

Juliana Ulrich: Sometimes I get asked to create a sequence where a family is having dinner. “And, like this time, there is food photography as well, which means that we need to be flexible in our shooting style and approach to accommodate the client’s various ideas, while also maintaining a high level of overall quality.”

Additionally, the addition of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 allows for more efficient and flexible shooting while maintaining high quality.

Ulrich: Since we were shooting in a small kitchen set, using the Pocket 4K as a fixed overhead camera and the Pocket 6K G2 as the main camera allowed us to capture beautiful shots with great detail.

Also, with the Pocket 6K G2, I knew I could crop later if I wanted a closer shot of the subject, so I was able to shoot comfortably.


Ulrich likes the challenge of translating a client’s needs into a usable technology within a budget.

Ulrich: I’ve been involved in various projects so far, and the budgets varied from top to bottom. That’s why we try to have a toolkit that can handle any project.

I love the versatility of Pocket cameras. Even with a small camera, you can get the image quality of a feature film. The new Pocket 6K G2 features a larger sensor and EF lens mount, and supports 6K resolution, but can be used in tight spaces and shoots with confidence. The adjustable 5-inch screen is also great.

The cost savings with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro is also a big advantage if you already have ND filters for your lenses.

To keep the screen as costly as possible, Brotherhood Studios recently moved to the full DaVinci Resolve Studio 18 editing, grading, visual effects (VFX) and audio post-production software.

Ulrich: At first, I started using DaVinci Resolve only for color, but it was a hassle to go back and forth with other editing software. So I decided to edit with Resolve, and it was a great answer! Blackmagic RAW works seamlessly with Resolve, making it easy to work with 4K and 6K footage.

In addition, a single program completes the workflow, streamlining post-production work. From camera to Resolve, I am constantly impressed and satisfied with the functionality of Blackmagic Design’s workflow.



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