Adobe Releases Beta Version of Project Blink, a Web Video Editing Function Utilizing AI

Adobe announced “Project Blink“, a web video editing function that utilizes AI. It is currently in beta and accepting applications for testing.

In traditional documentary production, video editing tools must be used to play back all the footage and check the content in order to select usable content. It was necessary to search for the recorded parts from a wide range of footage, but by recognizing objects, people, sounds and words in videos, Project Blink enables significantly faster content editing, reducing hours or days of work to just minutes.

If you want to create a clip from footage, simply enter text as a search word for specific words the user says in the video, the type of object in the picture, the sound, or the event that is happening there, and it will be automatically generated from the video. A transcript or topic is displayed, and you can select the part you want to use. AI will automatically convert that part into a new clip, allowing users to edit videos like they edit text.

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